Castle Quiz

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Answer questions and conquer the enemy castle


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Castle Quiz is a fun trivia game, in which your mission is to evade your enemy's attacks and conquer their castle by answering questions on all kinds of subjects. If you're a trivia fan, check out this fun -and addictive- game that will keep you hooked for hours with matches in which you'll not only have to answer questions correctly, but also think of a winning strategy.

Castle Quiz has PvP battles, in which you choose an area of land and answer questions correctly to conquer that area. Each area is worth a certain number of points that you get when you conquer it. To win the game, you either have to earn more points than your opponent or conquer their castle.

This fun trivia game has questions from dozens of different subjects. As you play, you'll learn about history, geography, film, biology, and dozens of other subjects through detailed expert explanations. Not only that, but Castle Quiz also offers Youtube videos where you can learn more about any of the subjects in the game.

Check out Castle Quiz and challenge your opponents to real-time battles where intelligence and culture will be essential to victory. Even if you have fewer points than your opponent, you can still think of a great strategy, conquer their castle and win the game!